About us

Founded on the principle of art making the world a better place, Arts Help is the world's largest art publisher, with a community of 2.5 million members.

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As a nonprofit organization, Arts Help partners with large institutions to develop projects and programming for social change.

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Our Advisory
JULIE WARD, British Member of the European Parliament
TOM LEHMAN, Artist, Potter & (Founder)
KIANA ‘ROOKZ’ EASTMOND, Sandbox Studios (President)
JOSE ETCHEVERRY, York University (Board of Governors, Senator)

Our Staff
SOPHIE BRUSSAUX, Co-Founder + Artistic Director
MO GHONEIM, Co-Founder + Managing Director
ADIAM GAFOO, Chief Operating Officer
MERCEDES CUSTODIO, Research & Outreach Director  
JAMES ANDREWS, Creative Director
MARK GABRIEL, Digital Director  
ALYSSA HERR, Digital Editor  
HANNAH CHEW, Editorial Intern
ZACH WOLFE, Illustrator

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Arts Help’s dedicated content team publishes arts-related articles and coverage in service of bolstering artists all over the world and spreading awareness. Together with our community, we generate over 500 million impressions annually, and profiled over 4000 creators to date.


In cooperation with industry professionals, Arts Help offers free quarterly masterclasses and annual interactive events. Our high-impact programming brings accessibility and unity to Arts Help’s members and supporters.


Certified is a new series of exclusive interviews presented by Arts Help editors!


Meet the Arts Help team! Alongside designers, artists, and other creators, the team helps execute major projects and partnerships.

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